Reflective Writing #4

  1. Well from what I’ve seen from the Atari bust it seems that the field of IT itself went through some significant decline when it comes to how many people were employed. So the more women that don’t join means more people don’t join the IT field which means less ideas and less innovations overall.
  2. Personally I think the innate ability has the most merit. I don’t think there is some major cognitive difference like the Expectancy-value theory believes in as even if there was would it be to a significant degree to change demographics in the field. I think that innate ability is the most likely, because I’ve had similar experiences before as well as my roommate. Of course in high school it gave me more motivation but it very easily could have just crushed my enthusiasm for the field in general. My roommate wants to become a psychiatrist and I remember back in the first semester he got terrible luck with one of his biology teachers. His teacher was generally shitty and I would hear frequently of how much he expected of Caleb without really teaching him what he needed to know. Caleb still wants to become a psychiatrist but like me I could see how that could dissuade someone more on the fence about IT in general.
  3. I’ll be honest I don’t really have a good explanation as to why this would women more than men. Perhaps it is for a multitude of reasons and this is only one of them. If I had to give an answer perhaps it would be connections since guys are more frequent in the field than maybe it is easier for guys in general to make connections and learn from their friends than women. That wouldn’t explain it totally but perhaps that could explain why men are more prevalent than women. Or perhaps it could have to do with the culture around IT but I’m not really familiar with that right now so I’ll have to wait to see if that is a big problem.

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