Reflective Writing

1.I don’t remember the exact date for when I got interested in programming or started programming but I do know that it happened in high school. I believe it was my second year of high school when it first started. I took programming as an elective and it just sort of became one of my biggest interests.

2.For me the most interesting thing about programming is the sort of puzzle like aspect of trying to come up for solutions for a project. For me that’s the best part of programming of just using my own creativity and knowledge to try and tinker up a personal solution to a problem. I find that rush when I finally do think up a solution one of the best feelings I can have.

3.Funnily enough this actually has a lot to do what I find the best about programming that is debugging. Sometimes it can get really aggravating when I came up with an idea that I thought would work and then bam when I try to run the program I run into an error. Now I got to look through all the classes and methods to see what little bit of syntax I screwed up or look at any loops and see if I did something wrong. It can get tedious but that’s just part of programming. And on the flip side it does feel pretty good whenever I actually fix whatever is fucking up.

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